Back to Basics #5- White balance

White balance is a process that your camera carries out in order to ensure the whites that are seen with they eye appear as white as possible in the final digital image. On my Nikon D3200 I have multiple white balance settings such as: Auto, cloudy, cool-white fluorescent, direct sunlight, flash, incandescent and shade. The auto function allows the camera to decide white preset to use, however this can sometimes leave blue or green casts on the photo when taken. For this reason the manual settings are often used to decide on the right white balance for a particular object or scenario.

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Back to basics #4- The ISO

The ISO is the last of the 3 settings which help determine the exposure. So far we have spoken about the shutter speed and the aperture, the ISO helps adjust these settings. The ISO is the sensitivity of the sensor and is measured in numbers. For example 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 6400 are avaliable on my Nikon DSLR. The ISO may need to be raised if a shutter speed isn’t fast enough because of lack of light. By increasing the ISO the amount of available light is picked up more by the sensor allowing a usable shutter speed to be used.

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Back to basics #3- The aperture

Within a lens you have aperture blades which control how much light gets into the lens and reaches the sensor, this is called the aperture.  This setting called the aperture and is controlled with an F/number. The larger the F/number the more the aperture blades are going to be closed, therefore less light will reach the sensor and on the other hand the smaller the F/number the more the aperture blades will be open so more light will reach the sensor. For example F/8 is going to let in much more light that F/22 This aperture setting is essential to the exposure.

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Back to Basics #2- Shutter speed

Within the camera you have multiple components. One of the most important of these is the shutter. The shutter opens when the picture is being taken and shuts to cut off the light. In film photography the shutter was key as it would allow the film to be exposed to light for a set amount of time. This is the same in digital cameras but they have a sensor rather than film. The length of time the shutter is open for is determined by a setting called the shutter speed.

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Latest update

Hello everybody! As you may have seen, i’ve had an exciting month with my photography. I’ve posted some images from my Battlefields trip with school and I took a visit to Marwell Zoo a couple of weeks ago. Both of these trips have allowed me to develop my skills and put them to good use. … Continue reading Latest update