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Hi all!

Its been a long while since I’ve posted on here! Haven’t actually taken my camera out and shot for my general use in a long long time due to exams and photography coursework! All of the coursework is handed in and the exams will be over in a weeks time so ill get back to it as soon as I can. I will start to post some of my coursework onto here now as I’m really proud of some of it. Its been really challenging trying to produce successful images every time I do a shoot as it can be quite tight on time. Typically I’d leave myself an hour for a shoot which is generally enough time however one time I did it in 40 minutes during a very stressful and rushed lunch time. Got some lovely photos though! I have probably never been more stressed out by a subject but its honestly been a lot of fun too!

Ill be posting more soon.


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My top 15 photos of 2014

The new year is upon us and what a year 2014 was. Photographically and generally I feel that I have grown in my skill set. I have started my A-level in photography and the first main project is going to come to a close later in January. This has forced me to think logically about my work and actually consider the themes I am trying to convey in my images. The biggest change for me has been my interest in portraiture. Before I started the course portraits were my worse nightmare. As soon as I started to use the lighting I knew it was something I could grown to love. Now that I have the chance to experiment more and have learnt the basics of lighting I enjoy doing it. Without further ado, here are my top 15 photos that i’ve taken this year!

Square building B&WStreet photography in covent gardenRussel square fountainHouses of parliment from the london eyeLondon eyeflowers upton house-2flowers upton house-6DSC_0015Bournemouth air show 2014-47Bournemouth air show 2014-24Abi-02.10.14-9Abi-02.10.14-10Coke splashes!PolperroPolperro

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I returned on friday from a holiday to Corwall. We stayed in a caravan park just between Polperro and Looe. I didn’t get any photos of Looe because it was in thick fog but I got some of Polperro! It is a small little fishing town and I absolutely love it there! All of these photos were taken using an ND filter to allow use of a slower shutter speed required for blurring the water.

Polperro Polperro Polperro

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Coke splashes!

While focusing on a still life for A-level photography I chose the subject of bottles. I then decided to try dropping some ice into a glass of coke and getting the splash on camera. I had two lamps into my mini studio and had to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. I would have used studio lights to freeze the splash but I didn’t have access to them!

Coke splashes!

Coke splashes!
Coke splashes!
Coke splashes!

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Photoshoot with Abi

On thursday I had another chance to have a go with the lighting. After learning from my mistakes I have adjusted my lighting and techniques. Many thanks to Abi for being a fantastic model! Some of the images were taken with 3 lights, some with 2 and others with just the one. I’ll explain some of them as I go.
Abi-02.10.14-10This one is my favourite of them all, achieved with a very simple one light coming from my right with a softbox. I really like how I processed this image. In lightroom I did a basic contrast adjustment and cropped it a little. I also used the adjustment brush to lighten the eyes and added a radial filter to darken the background and draw attention to the model.


 Again this one was done with the same lighting set up. The one thing I have struggled with in past shoots is the posing. This time I printed out some reference images and Abi had some ideas of her own, making it considerably easier!

Abi-02.10.14-1I changed this one around a bit and used 2 lights! One is a softbox from my right as before but I added a light with no modifiers aimed right at the back of her head. Creating a backlight, giving the hair a glow and seperating Abi from the background.


 I then introduced another light from my left with a white umbrella attached. This was on a lower power than the others. These lights combined filled in some of the shadows and gave a beautiful catch light to the eyes!

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My second photoshoot!

After finding a few things to improve on from my first photoshoot I decided a much simpler lighting set up for this shoot, using only one light. In some of the photos the light if straight on but in others the light is coming in from the side. I learnt from this shoot to try and keep the lights on a lower power to try and avoid some of the hot spots, however I am quite happy with the results!