Hi all! Its been a long while since I’ve posted on here! Haven’t actually taken my camera out and shot for my general use in a long long time due to exams and photography coursework! All of the coursework is handed in and the exams will be over in a weeks time so ill get … Continue reading Update


I returned on friday from a holiday to Corwall. We stayed in a caravan park just between Polperro and Looe. I didn’t get any photos of Looe because it was in thick fog but I got some of Polperro! It is a small little fishing town and I absolutely love it there! All of these … Continue reading Polperro

Bournemouth Air show 2014- Red Arrows

Yesterday I went to the Bournemouth Air Show! My uncle hired out a hotel room on the top floor of a hotel giving me the opportunity to photograph some of the incredible air crafts. I was using my 55- 200mm lens and got some decent results. One of the best acts of the day is Britains No. 1 display team: the Red arrows! Sadly there were only 8 of them due to Red 3’s wife going into labour. Despite this they still went ahead and put on a fantastic show. Enjoy my pictures, there will be more to come!

Bournemouth air show 2014-47

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The London Eye

London is one of my favourite cities to visit. Partly due to the busy atmosphere and partly because of the many iconic structures that make up the London skyline. One of these is the London eye, constructed in 2000 to commemorate the millennium. It is a giant ferris wheel that contains lots of shapes that … Continue reading The London Eye

Cubist building

Here is the first picture from my recent trip to London. I spotted the building in this image while walking from Russel Square to the Tower of London. The building is blue and had some lovely cube shapes to it. I edited it in black and white because it gives emphasis to the shapes and … Continue reading Cubist building

Developing a style

Just a quick post before I get going with revision *sighs*. As you may have seen I’ve been going back and re-editing a lot of my photos just experimenting with different styles and ideas. Many photographers have their own personal style, whether that’s black and white, really contrasty or with filters on the front that’s their style. I personally haven’t found my style yet. I just take a photo and do what looks best. I think the key to developing your style is to take lots of pictures and try out lots of different methods of editing and different compositions. I’ll often come and edit a photo 3 or 4 times in black and white, contrast, really high contrast, darker and see which one I like the best. Quite often I can’t come to a decision until I come back to see it another day but continuing to do this will allow you to develop your eye for what you like and the factors you look for in a photograph.

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My first attempt at portraits for art

For a while now I have had to try some portraits on one of the schools bridge camera shooting through various bits of black card to replicate a pin hole camera and a key hole. Last week I took my camera into school and tried out some portraits with nothing blocking the way. All of these photos are taken with a 35mm F/1.8 lens which I found was great to get a shallow depth of field to keep the focus on the subject alone. All the settings used can be seen on my flickr by clicking on a photo. I had two people as subjects, one of which didn’t want the photos posted. Thanks to Scott for letting me adding the photos for you all to see. Click the read more button to see more from the project!

Scott portraits


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