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Portraits using studio lighting!

As I said before, we have had the opportunity to use proper studio lighting for some portraits. I also had the pleasure of demonstrating this at open evening for my school! In these portraits I have used a variety of different lighting set ups which I will explain under each photo. Also thanks to Charlotte for modelling and allowing me to post these photos!


 For this image I used a 3 light set up. The first light was just on a flash stand pointing up at the background behind the model. I had a blue gel on this light to get a lovely blue tinge on the background. The background didn’t come out exactly as i’d hoped but it did leave a lovely blue backlight shining through her hair! The other two lights were at a 45 degree angle with softboxes on, leaving some shadows on the face.

Charlotte-2This is one of my favourites from the night and the  lighting set up was really simple. I again had the first light behind the model, lighting the background but I only used 1 light on the face from my left hand side. It also had a softbox to slightly diffuse the light, leaving lovely shadows on the right side of her face.

Charlotte-4This is another lovely, easy shot. This time I used two lights at 45 degree angles with a softbox on each, creating even illumination of the face and body.

Charlotte-5There’s nothing I love more in photography than a portrait in black and white. This time pulling out a grey background, which I prefer to the white because it just a lot more tonal. This one has the same lighting as before with the 2 lights and softboxes.


Heres the last photo of the set and I love the colours in the hair. The two softboxes in the same simple 2 light set up leave beautiful catch lights in Charlottes eyes, adding that bit of sparkle!


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