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A-Level photography!

A week ago today I went back to school starting Year 12! I have now had a few AS photography lessons and I must say i’m loving the projects we have done so far. Our first task was called the alphabet project which was taking photos of something that looks like the letters A-Z and the second was similar but with a word. My word that was picked at random was ‘depressed’. I now have to take photographs of the letters in that word but they must be objects associated with that word. So for example nature might be an N from a dropping tree branch. For mine I went to a graveyard (jolly I know) and found most of the letters. We also have to take a general photo that sums up the word, for which I did a portrait next to one of the graves that got great results. All the images will be converted to black and white that are full of contrast to really bring out the strong emotions associated with depression.

So thats where im up to! Ill post more as I go along



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