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Going back through old photos

Firstly I would like to apologise for how inactive I’ve been recently. The time has come for me to do my final GCSE exams so I’ve been overloaded with revision. My first exam is on Tuesday and I’ll be finished by the 12th of June so I can hopefully get out with my camera again.

I just thought i’d take some time today to write about going back over images that you took a while ago. I’ve nearly had my Nikon D3200 for a year now and I took so many picture within the first month. I never really had a chance to go through them all and at that stage I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for in an image and my editing was, and if we’re honest still is, pretty shabby. This lead to me missing some pictures that were alright.

Portland Bill


This photograph is one example of this. You may have seen my other photos of Portland bill and they were posted back in august last year.Since this time I have developed as a photographer and have different views than I did back then. Every time you browse another photographers Facebook, website or Instagram you’re picking up inspiration and adding to your mental bank of photos you like. For this reason I believe that looking through your archive for hidden treasure can only be a good thing.

Hope that helps


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