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Developing a style

Just a quick post before I get going with revision *sighs*. As you may have seen I’ve been going back and re-editing a lot of my photos just experimenting with different styles and ideas. Many photographers have their own personal style, whether that’s black and white, really contrasty or with filters on the front that’s their style. I personally haven’t found my style yet. I just take a photo and do what looks best. I think the key to developing your style is to take lots of pictures and try out lots of different methods of editing and different compositions. I’ll often come and edit a photo 3 or 4 times in black and white, contrast, really high contrast, darker and see which one I like the best. Quite often I can’t come to a decision until I come back to see it another day but continuing to do this will allow you to develop your eye for what you like and the factors you look for in a photograph.

For example this photograph of some beach huts:

beach huts

I started off with the edit above, I had put some contrast in it just to make the colours pop more.

beach huts- Contrast boost


But then I thought it looked a little flat so I pumped up the contrast again till I got the above shot that I liked.

beach huts B&W


And then finally I had this black and white edit. I made this into monochrome originally and experimented with the contrast and brightness until I got this. Now i’d probably go back and make this contrastier (if that’s even a word) but still I think the middle photo is my favourite because it has all the vibrant colours that I saw was there. And isn’t that what photography is all about? Capturing the moment. Maybe the contrasty colour shots are my style, I suppose I’ll have to take more photos to find out.


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