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Church on a hill- First attempt at layers

Hi all,

After a watching a youtube video where a guy retouched up a portrait using layers on Photoshop I decided to give it a go myself on one of my old landscape shots.

Original castle on hill

Above is the start image, taken just after I bought my camera while I was walking with some friends. At this point I was using auto but the F/9 aperture gave me a shallow enough depth of field to keep the foreground sharp and slowly blur out the castle. I was lying down on my front when I took it and probably looked quite odd to passer bys. I like the image as I edited it here because there is a bit of contrast in the grass while the clouds maintain their detail.  I attempted to boost the contrast but just ended up with the highlights in the clouds being blown out completely losing their lovely texture.

Layers screenshots

Layers screenshots

So to get the effect I wanted I used 2 layers, One for the foreground and one for the castle/ church. On these layers I erased everything except for the part I wanted to edit. By boosting the contrast in the foreground and getting a sensible amount of contrast and detail to the church I got the image I wanted. I set all of the blending modes to overlay so you could see the changes through the other layers. I left the sky how it was and ended up with the image below. I only used a very old version of Adobe Photoshop that I’ve had forever but I could still do this, proves you have to work with what you have I guess.

Edited castle on hill

I know it still needs work but i’ve only just got going with layers. Hopefully you can give this a go in some of your images and i’m off to try on some others.

Hope that helps,



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