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Back to basics #1- Exposure

This is now the first in my back to basics series where I will cover all the key aspects to get you started in photography. The first part I will cover is the settings, this one being on the exposure which is determined by the ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture and white balance.

This first one as I said is on the exposure, the most fundamental part to learn when getting into photography. The exposure is basically how much light is reaching the sensor during the capture of the photograph. This is a very important thing to get right as if you under expose  your image then it will be really dark but if you over expose it you’ll end up with a white, washed out image.

To make sure that your exposure is correct you can look at your cameras built in light meter. This is just a line that the pointer moves either way until your setting allow a what it believes to be a well exposed image. This however can be incorrect so a bit of experimentation is required.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first post in my back to basics series. Come back next week to learn about the first setting which determines the exposure, the shutter speed!



  1. Hey James great to see you getting into photography, you are taking some nice photos.
    I think you need to look into exposure a little bit more as if you overexpose images will be lighter and if you underexpose images will be darker 😉
    Take care and keep shooting.

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