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My latest purchase #1-Filters

As I promised, this is the post about my latest bit of kit!

DSC_0305 copy

These are some filters that I bought for £16.99.  They came in a two pack, one UV filter and one Cir-polarising. They fit on the filter thread on the lens.

IMG_1044 copyThe UV filter attached to the end of my lens.

DSC_0300 copy

In the photo above the left filter is a circular polarising filter and the right filter is a UV.

DSC_0304 copy

DSC_0302 copy

The darker of the two filters, the polarising filter is used to control an overly bright sky and control reflecting light which is useful when shooting out of a window  or when water is involved. One point to remember when shooting with polarising filters is that it darkens the light getting to the sensor so you will need to adjust your exposure to compensate. To test polarising, buy a pair of polarising sunglasses. To achieve multiple effects twist the filter, they usually can do this when attached to your lens.

DSC_0303 copy

DSC_0301 copy

The lighter of the filters is a UV filter which stands for ultra-violet. It is used to cut down on atmospheric haze that isn’t visible to the eye but the sensor still picks it up. This can be quite unattractive to look at. One of the main reasons I have one of these filters is to put another layer on the lenses to protect it from scratches, dust and rain. Personally i’d prefer to damage a filter than a £100 lens.

I’d definitely recommend these filters. Sorry for the shabby product photography but I used some white paper and window light!



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