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Photography top tip #3- increasing contrast and brightness means a winning shot!

This tip is one that I use alot in my images. Quite often after taking a photo on my Nikon I can look at it on the screen and think the colours great, the lightings great and be happy with it how it is, most of the time the shots would be fine to print/ post as they are and still be appealing to look at.

If you into Photoshop and find the brightness and contrast option you will get some sliders, one for brightness and one for contrast. If you slide the contrast slider to the right then you will find in most images that the colour will almost ‘pop’ out and be much more like they were in your eyes. Contrast can sometimes darken the image, so slide the brightness slider to the right to counteract the contrast darkening. I have edited the contrast in this, this and this.DSC_0963 (2)

Top: This shot is straight out from the camera and the colours look nice.



Bottom: In this finished photograph the contrast and brightness have been boosted in Photoshop to pop the colours and achieve a much more appealing overall image.

The brightness slider can also be used to darken an image if its too bright or brighten it if the photo is to dark. With all these things combined you should be on for a winner. I will post the difference between a normal photograph and an image with edited contrast when my internet sorts its self out again.


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