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Up shot of portland bill

This shot was taken on a holiday to Weymouth a couple of weeks ago in which we took a day trip to Portland, Portland Bill being one of the stops. Upon arrival it was a lovely day with blue skies and scattered clouds leaving a beautiful background for an image, but the subject, the lighthouse still lacked an interesting perspective. This was one of the times I wish I had a wide angle lens because, despite getting a decent angle I needed to capture more into the image as there was a lovely crest that is just out of the photo that I would have loved to get in due to the bright colours within it. I set my camera to manual mode and dialled in a shutter speed of 1/2000th second to shut out some of the bright light and allow an aperture of F4.5. After shooting, like most of my shots, I went in to Photoshop to adjust the contrast and brightness to really pop out the red line and the blue in the sky. I like this photo because of the bright colours and the simplicity of the subject. It really shows that composition can make the big difference.



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