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Graceful swan

Again this shot was taken in Poole park. The swan is a delicate, graceful creature and these were the aspects I wanted to capture in this photograph. I shot on auto to allow me to think solely about the composition of the swan and the camera selected a shutter speed of 1/60th second and an aperture of F5.6. The ISO selected was 1110. Zoomed right in to the 55mm end of my 18-55mm kit lens allowed the swan to fill the frame, but still have the perfect blue water behind. The ripples around the swan and the fact its almost gazing to the side of the camera leaves a great atmosphere of how gentle the swan is. After a few Contrast tweaks in Photoshop to bring out the orange beak and blue water and softening the white feathers to bring in detail, I had a finished image. In this, simplicity is key.



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