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Photography top tip #2-Adding foreground interest to an image

During landscape photography you can end up with just a bland clique photograph of a sunset with nothing inbetween you and the background. To prevent this you need to add some foreground interest. this could be a plant like in my image. Click here to see the post, rocky outcrop. a fallen leaf or a collection of rocks to fill your seascape. If you use a low F-number like F5.6 on your average 18-55mm kit lens you can get a shallow depth of field. This allows you to focus on either the background or the foreground interest leaving the other out of focus. Alternately you can use a higher F-number to keep it in focus.

When you’ve spotted your background, get down low and find some foreground interest. Use aperture priority to make sure your depth of field is correct for your chosen effect and get close enough to your newly found subject before focusing appropriately before taking the shot.



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