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Flying in the air

This photo was taken just by Portland bill. The only lens in my possession is a 18-55mm kit lens so I had to get close to the seagulls in order to get photos of them that filled the frame. After some stationary shots they flew off allowing me to get an action shot. I took this on shutter priority mode and dialled in a shutter speed of 1/640th second allowing the camera to select an aperture of F5.6. One helpful setting to use in a situation that could lead to a great photo, but the time in which to get it is small is the continuous shooting mode. This allows you to just hold the shutter button down and it takes a series of shots. With a bit of luck you’ll catch the moment with some great results. I will post another photo of the seagull and some need water marking but if this one gets good feedback ill post them! 🙂



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